Getting Started

Document Format and Submission

Documents should be in Microsoft Word (.doc or .rtf), Microsoft Power Point or Word Perfect formats. If you require a different format, please contact us.

Submission Via Upload Link

The preferred method for submission is via our upload link below. For each document file that you upload also upload a completed information sheet.

Submission Via Email

We also accept documents by email attachment. Please use your name or the name of your document as the file name. For each document file that you email also email a completed information sheet.

Email the document to be reviewed as well as a completed copy of the Information Sheet (below) to

Upload Documents for Editing

To begin the process, please follow the four steps below: 

1. Download and complete an Information Sheet for each document to be uploaded.

2. Upload the document(s) and Information Sheet(s) via the "Upload Document Files Here" link below.

3. Download and complete a copy of the Credit Card Authorization Form and fax or email back to us.

4. Make your payment via the "Make a Payment" link below. 

Information Sheet (For Editing Documents) (Word document)

Upload Document Files Here

Credit Card Authorization Form

Make a Payment

Within 24 hours of submission, we will acknowledge receipt of your document and provide you with an estimate. Once you have accepted the estimate, we will contact you to begin the process of proofing or editing the document. All documents will be handled confidentially.


After an initial consultation to discuss the services you desire, we will send an electronic invoice for the total amount due. The invoice will contain instructions for paying via cashiers check, money order, credit card or Paypal, which is completly safe and secure.

Turnaround Times

The typical turnaround time for a document that is 20-pages or less is approximately 3-7 business days after receipt of the original document.  Larger documents will require from 10-20 business days.  For shorter turnaround times or rush jobs, we charge a slightly higher price.


55-100 pages

10% discount

101-200 pages

15% discount


We will return your document(s) to you via e-mail, fax, or mail.

  • Delivery via FedEx, UPS, etc. will be billed to you at cost.
  • All files transmitted electronically will be scanned with anti-virus software before transmitting.

Four Step Process

Step I: Discussion

After receiving your document, we will review it and then discuss the document with you to make sure we are in agreement with what services you desire.

Step II: Initial Edit
Depending on your desires, the initial edit may include the following:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Hyphenation
  • Punctuation
  • Word usage
  • Capitalization
  • Correct use of acronyms and abbreviations
  • Correct use of numbers
  • Sentence structure
  • Orphaned sentences
  • Logical sentence and paragraph flow
  • Consistency for dates, names, terminology, facts, or locations
  • Correct use of italics
  • Proper table formatting
  • Check for proper sequencing
  • Check for incomplete sentences
  • Check for correct formatting structures
During the initial edit, we will record all changes made through MS Word's Track Change feature. In addition, we will include questions and comments throughout the document for you to review and consider. We will send this document back to you to review and to provide detailed answers to our questions and comments.

Step III: Second Edit
Here, your responses to our questions and comments from Step II will be incorporated into the document. If necessary or desired, further communications may take place.

Step IV: Final Proofing
At this step, we will scrutinize your document and correct the following:
  • Spelling mistakes / typographical errors
  • Extra spaces
  • Extra words (double words)
  • Capitalization errors
  • Punctuation
  • Minor grammatical errors
  • Duplicate or extra words
  • Inconsistencies in style, headings, page numberings, etc.
  • Formatting discrepancies

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